Solve It 7: Holbrook Money Owed

(WHDH) — Michaelle Breneville loves helping people who are living with autism — a job she has been doing for almost 25 years.

“I enjoy the difference that I make,” said Michaelle.

But when the company that hired Michaelle never paid her for her work, she called Solve It 7 to help get her the money she was owed.

It all started a few years ago when Michaelle was hired to provide in-home therapy for a young man.

“It was a great experience,” said Michaelle. “I was happy with the family. The family was happy with me also.

Michaelle said she was told the company she was working for would pay her every two weeks, but the first pay cycle came and went and she didn’t receive any money. At first, Breneville said she thought it was a problem with the company’s online payroll system.

She said she spoke with her boss several times, but the payroll problem continued.

“Every other week I said, ‘I did not receive any’ and they said, ‘Ok, it’s on the way, maybe the next payroll cycle.’”

After four months of not getting paid, Michaelle quit.

She continued to contact the company for her back pay but never received it.

Solve It 7 reached out to the company and the owner told us he had no idea Michaelle was never paid.

Just a few days after we got involved, the company deposited more than $3,500 into Michaelle’s bank account — money she says will help pay for expenses for her and her three children.

“Nothing got done until you guys helped me and everything got solved,” said Michaelle. “Thank you to the lord and Channel 7!”

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