When a local family’s furnace went on the fritz, they hoped their home warranty would help with a rapid repair. Instead, they say they felt like they got the cold shoulder. Hoping to heat things up, they contacted Solve It 7. Brandon Gunnoe has the story.

When Ruth flipped on her heat last fall, the sound made her go cold.

“Click, click, click, bang, bang, bang, and then it would just shut down,” Ruth said.

With her furnace on the fritz, Ruth and her husband Jason needed a fast fix to keep their children and dogs warm as temperatures tumbled.

“We were definitely very, very concerned,” Jason said.

The Weymouth family had a home warranty, a policy that covers repairs and replacements on major appliances in their home.

“I felt a little relieved that I have a home warranty. That’s why you pay your $78 a month, you know, to have this protection plan,” Ruth said.

Ruth called the home warranty company, and a crew arrived to fix the furnace.

But the repairmen said they needed to order a part.

“Once the part came in, they came back to repair it, and they found out that they needed yet another part. I was almost in tears that he said, ‘We have to order another part. And I don’t know, honestly, how long it’s gonna take, Ruth said.'”

Two months went by.

The weather got colder, and the family still didn’t have heat.

“It got down, I think to about 43 degrees a few mornings,” Jason said.

The family bundled up in blankets and heavy clothes.

They left the oven door open and used space heaters to try to keep warm.

And Ruth kept calling the home warranty company.

“I spent hours and hours over the two months on the phone. It’s my heat. We’re freezing,” Ruth said.

Ruth and Jason got hot when they saw their electric bill.

They had to pay $1200 to run all those space heaters!

“Oh, our hearts dropped,” Jason said.

That’s when Ruth contacted Solve It 7.

We reached out to the home warranty company. A representative emailed us saying:

“The delay in resolving” the “claim does not meet our high standards for customer service and satisfaction.”

Soon the furnace was firing up again.

And the family got this check to cover their expensive electric bill.

“You guys were amazing,” Jason said.

“Thank you, Solve It 7, for helping keep my family warm this year and for helping us pay our electric bill that was very, very big,” Ruth said.

Do you have a problem that’s left you feeling out in the cold? We might be able to help.

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