NASHUA, N.H (WHDH) - Being a new homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility.

Cara Ganon wanted to install a new home security system to make sure her home was safe.

“My husband and I purchased this house in December it was our first house together,” Cara says.

“I work in psychiatry and addiction, do sometimes work within the court system, just felt better and safer in the home (with the security system),” she says.

Cara did her research and found a home security service that seemed reputable.

She says, “we spent an hour on the phone, going over everything (and) explained the different types of services we wanted.”

Cara paid $3,000 for the equipment and installation.

She signed a 3-year contract – agreeing to monthly payments of $60.

“We did a touch tab faceplate at the door so that you could arm and disarm when you came in, we also did sensors on the windows and cameras outback and cameras on the front,” Cara says.

But when the technician began installing the system Cara noticed some big problems.

She says, “he had drilled through the siding on the front of our house to put the camera above the driveway which we didn’t agree to, things were not working right at the end of the day.”

She says the technician ensured her the security system would be up and running within 24 hours.

“So he said if it doesn’t work by tomorrow just give me a call–we called, no return phone call, no voicemails nothing, no emails,” Cara says.

Weeks later the system still wasn’t working right.

Cara says, “we’d be sitting in the family room and hear glass breaking alerts on the touch-tone pad and we’d be sitting here and nothing was breaking (and the) sensors started falling off the walls.

Cara tried to reach out to a manager to fix this security snag.

“We set up at first multiple appointments but they no-showed, no called, it’s to the point where I paid over $3,000 for this system, that’s still not working,” Cara says.

Then, she alerted SOLVE IT 7.

Cara says, “I heard back from you right away.”

We contacted the security company and explained Cara wanted to be let out of her contract and she wanted her money back because her system never worked properly.

“I’m just not going to continue to pay for equipment that has never worked since day one,” Cara says.

Then finally, the company called Cara and agreed to void her contract and refund her money.

“It’s been a good process–I feel great that this was able to get resolved,” Cara said.

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