A local woman says she wanted to be safe—but ended up sorry when her home security system malfunctioned. Feeling alarmed, she contacted Solve It Seven.  Brandon Gunnoe has the story

This noise from Doreen’s home security system echoed throughout her house one evening.

She called her alarm company for help.

“They gave me two different ways to shut it off. I tried that. Ten minutes later, when I came back down, it wouldn’t shut off,” Doreen said. 

She says she contacted the company again.

“They told me tech support was gone for the night, so now I have no way of shutting off the beep. I said this was ridiculous,” Doreen said. 

Doreen’s boyfriend had to disconnect the system to stop the beeping.

He opened up the box and he pulled out the little wire and that stopped it.

She says she phoned the company the next day.

“They told me it’s because I needed an upgrade, and it was going to cost me $13 more a month, and I said I wasn’t interested in doing that,” Doreen said.

But Doreen was locked into a contract with the company.

“They told me the only way the alarm would work would be if I did the upgrade,” Doreen said. “They told me I would have to sign up again for another three-year contract.”

She asked to have her current contract canceled.  

“They wanted me to pay them the remaining amount with no working alarm. That’s nuts. That’s crazy,” Doreen said.

Feeling stuck, doreen negotiated an upgrade for a lower rate.

“I just needed a sounding alarm in case someone broke in,” Doreen said. “I had set up an appointment.” 

But over the next few months, she says the company canceled appointments and sent her the wrong parts.

“Nothing was getting resolved. My mother had said, ‘Call Solve It Seven.’ They’ll get it done for you,” Doreen said.

We emailed the alarm company, and we did get it done.

“The company called me, and the man that I spoke to said, ‘We will take you right out of the contract,'” Doreen said.

The company agreed to reimburse Doreen for the months she paid for a system that didn’t work.

“Thank you so much. I’m very happy,” Doreen said.

We are happy it worked out! Do you want to sound the alarm on a problem you’re having? 

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