All she wanted was to be by her fiance’s side while he was in the hospital but says she ended up getting a big hotel bill for rooms she never got. When she had trouble getting her money back, she contacted Solve It 7. Brandon Gunnoe has the story. 

Tamara’s fiancé, Alfredo, with his bright smile, has been the light of her life.

“For a very long time, we’ve been together, and he’s been my soulmate,” Tamara said. 

Earlier this year, Alfredo got sick, was hospitalized in Boston for months — and sadly passed away.    

“He’s a great person has a big heart. He’s always there for me and our family,” Tamara said. 

During the time Alfredo was in Boston, Tamara stayed close to him.

“Being at the hospital every day trying to, you know, be by Alfredo’s side and watch over him and make sure he’s getting the best care,” Tamara said. 

“The Leominster woman booked different hotels near the hospital,” Tamara said. 

“We weren’t sure what was occurring. So, we had to plan out visits in Boston to stay because the commute was over an hour,” Tamara said. 

One day Tamara did a quick search on her phone to find a room. 

“So we booked a hotel through what I thought was the website,” Tamara said. 

She called the hotel to confirm her two-night reservation.

“The hotel had told me there’s no availability that there’s no way that I was able to book this,” Tamara said. 

Turns out she didn’t book through the hotel’s website; it was a third-party site.

“I was very surprised. It didn’t even tell me it was through a third party until after the charges went through,” Tamara said. 

Tamara says she canceled the nearly $1200 reservation, but the website only gave her $400 back.

“I was charged for two nights in a hotel that I did not stay at and was fighting to get my money back,” Tamara said. 

Tamara says she disputed the other $800 charge on her credit card.

“I tried to dispute this multiple times through this whole time being in Boston,” Tamara said. 

But the credit card company did not approve her dispute.

“I was extremely angry, not only angry but frustrated. I am adding an extra stress level to figure something out. Not working and not having the finances to provide for something I didn’t receive was just, it didn’t seem right,” Tamara said. 

So, to make things right, Tamara contacted solve it 7.

“I said I need to do something more,” Tamara said. 

We tried contacting the third-party booking site. They did not respond.

So, we emailed Tamara’s credit card company which investigated and refunded her the other 


“I just want to say thank you very much for your time and your effort helping me fight this case,” Tamara said. 

We’re so glad we were able to help during this difficult time.  If you need assistance battling a problem

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