Solve It 7: Ice Box Blues

RAYNHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - After living in the same home for 10 years, Rhonda Polansky and her husband decided to upgrade their kitchen.

“At the end of May last year, we had ordered a new refrigerator,” Rhonda said.

After the fridge was delivered, they soon started having problems with it.

Rhonda said, “the ice and water dispenser failed to work.”

They called the company that made the fridge, and a technician came out to take a look.

“He thought that the board needed to be replaced,” Rhonda said.

The electronic board controls the operating system of the refrigerator and the flow of water and ice from the dispenser.

Rhonda said, “that new part did not work so the tech decided to order some new switches for the lights that he thought might have been connected to the water and ice dispenser.”

But when the technician installed the new switches, “the ice and water dispense went crazy,” Ronda said.

“There was ice and water kind of flying out until we unplugged the refrigerator.”

Rhonda said, “it wouldn’t stop, all over the floor, squirting everywhere. It was quite a sight.”

So, the technician tried a new electronic board, thinking that the first one might have been defective.

“One morning I went downstairs and made myself a cup of coffee and the entire unit was shut down,” Rhonda said.

“Like there was no power whatsoever to the refrigerator.”

So, Rhonda turned to the power of Solve It 7.

We contacted the company and explained that repeated attempts to fix the fridge had failed so, Rhonda would really like a replacement.

The company came up big, agreeing to give Rhonda a new fridge!

“To finally have something that’s working is such a relief and takes so much stress off of me and my husband as well,” Rhonda said.

Ending Rhonda’s fridge frustration,  “I would shout it from the rooftops–if you’re having a problem, you call Solve It 7!”

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