After being involved in a car crash, a Marshfield mom desperately needed her claim paid by the insurance company. But when her money accidentally went into someone else’s account, Solve It 7 helped her get it back. Brandon Gunnoe has the story.

Jillian was so proud the day she bought this car

“I saved up for a while for that car, and it was the first car that I’ve ever bought on my own,” Jillian said. 

But on a rainy day six months after she got it, Jillian got into a crash.

“My feet were wet. My foot slipped off the brake. It just happened so fast that I couldn’t stop in time, and I rear-ended a pickup truck. There wasn’t a dent on his car but totaled mine,” Jillian said. 

Her insurance company paid the claim and sent her a payment link through Venmo to get $5100.

“All I did was touch it, and assuming it was going to prompt me for like verification, phone number anything, but it didn’t. It just said right away, your payment has been sent successfully. It’s on the way,” Jillian said. 

But the money never arrived, so she called and messaged Venmo.

They told me it was sent to a different person.  

Turns out Jillian had gotten a new phone and number.

But her new number was still linked to the Venmo account of a man who had the number before Jillian.

“Nobody could help me. I just kept calling and calling and talking to everybody, repeating the same dreadful story over and over again,” Jillian said. 

That’s when her family contacted Solve It 7.

“My mother actually emailed you guys. I was really panicking and couldn’t look for a car. I was just trying to get the money back,” Jillian said. 

We contacted Venmo, and a day later, Jillian had her money.

“Thank you so, so much. I couldn’t have done it without you. That’s for sure. I tried. I really tried, and I’m just I’m so grateful for you guys,” Jillian said. 

Glad we could help Jillian! Venmo says situations like this are uncommon, but remember, if you change your phone number, make sure you update any payment apps you use.

Do you need help with a problem? Give us a call at 617-367-7777. 

The fastest way to reach us is email:

Situations like what happened in this case can happen with other payment and financial apps. 

If you change any of your contact information, like your address, phone number, or email, be sure to update that information with any financial apps or accounts you have. 

For more information on how to update your contact information on your Venmo account, click here: Edit Account & Settings.

If you have questions, you can contact Venmo’s customer support team directly for help or assistance.  

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