Solve It 7: Kmart Dryer

The holiday shopping season brings millions of people across the country to battle through stores and jumping online in search of deals.

“Black Friday gave us a good deal.  It was really cheap and really easy to buy online,” says Justin Albano.

He and his Amanda were looking for a new dryer for his mother on Kmar’s website.

Amanda says her mother in law kept complaining about going to the laundromat.

“So we thought it would be a really nice surprise and decided we could get that for her for Christmas.”

The Albano’s bought the $300 dryer, and drove to the Kmart in Fitchburg a few days later to pick it up.

“When we got there,” Justin says, “They said they didn’t have the dryer and that we’d already picked it up!”

Justin and Amanda were shocked.  They hadn’t picked up the dryer, but Kmart’s computer system showed they had.

Unable to iron out the problem, the Albanos left the store empty handed.

Amanda recalls what she was told. “Somebody must have pressed the wrong button.  Can you call us back tomorrow?”

So, Justin called the next day.  Still no answers.  In fact, he continued calling for months; trying to get his money back.

“I’m getting multiple stories… ‘It has been cancelled.’ ‘It hasn’t been cancelled.’ ‘We’ve refunded your money.’” Justin says.

At one point, the Albano’s even filed a dispute with their credit card company.

“So the credit card company was telling me that I need to prove that I DON’T have a dryer from Kmart.” Jason laughs.  “Which is a very strange thing to request!”

Another dead end. No dryer.  No Refund.  And after nine months of trying, Justin felt left out to dry.

“It was like, I don’t care anymore.  I’m just done.” He sighed.

But Amanda wasn’t done.  She called Solve It 7.

We decided to give it a spin and reached out to Kmart’s parent company and explained the Albano’s situation.

The person we spoke with said she would look into the problem, and a couple of days later, Justin received a phone call!

Justin says “The manager from Kmart said ‘Come down, we’ll give you the money’.  I said ‘Can you put it back on my credit card?’ And he says ‘Sure.’… and there it was!”

The following Monday the Albano’s received their refund.

A Kmart representative sent us this response:

"As soon as the concern was brought to our attention, the customer service team worked quickly to resolve the situation and ensure the customer was taken care of. "

Kmart even gave the Albano’s a gift card for their inconvenience.

“We didn’t get anywhere in 9 months.  You guys did it in three days… you got the money back… answers… you cleared everything up.  You guys are good!” Jason grins.

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