BROOKLINE, MASS. (WHDH) - Thousands of people use this walkway every day and Lea Grossman is one of them.

“This is like a New York station, Grand Central –it’s just very, very, very busy. I walk around here a lot,” she said. 

The MBTA owns the walkway as it’s a part of the Longwood MBTA Station in Brookline, right near several of Boston hospitals. 

Lea said, “they go to the hospitals, a lot of very sick people get out (and) they have to cross here.” And Lea worries someone heading to the hospital could get hurt.  She said, “somebody’s gonna fall have a bad accident.”

The walkway goes over the green line tracks. You can see the black-top has buckled–causing cracks and creating problems for people on foot and on wheels. 

Lea said, “a lot of elderly people cross here, it’s very dangerous. One person actually fell, I was upset.”

Lea reached out to the MBTA, “I’ve been reporting this for months and months, nothing got done,” she said.  So she called Solve It 7! “I heard about you and called you and here you are,” Lea said. 

We contacted the T and they said later this year they will be installing a rubberized pedestrian crossing system similar to other Green Line stations. 

But in the meantime, they agreed to make a temporary fix until that happens. 

Two weeks after we contacted the T, they dug up the walkway and laid down new asphalt for a smoother walk over the tracks. 

Lea said, “oh thank goodness, you finally got to Solve It 7! You reached out right away, and look, you’re getting it done!”

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