(WHDH) — When Sam Sok lost his job in the pandemic, he decided to make a change.

“I got laid off and I was like, oh wakeup call,” Sam said.

The father of two went back to college to get a degree. He felt he was setting a good example for his twin boys.

Sam said, “let’s just further my education (and) see where I can push myself.”

But, Sam needed a new laptop for his studies.

“The regular Macbook Pro, I was excited about it,” he said.

The MacBook he wanted wasn’t in stock at the store he went to so an employee had it shipped to Sam’s house.

“I was like do I have to sign for it since it’s over a certain amount and they said no don’t worry we’ll do a text,” Sam said.

The employee said Sam would get a text alert when the laptop shipped and white it was about to be delivered.

He said, “due to COVID you’re going to be receiving your package within 7-10 business days.”

But four days after that he was surprised by another text.

Sam said, “I got another message when nobody was home and said your package has been delivered.”

Sam rushed home but the packaged wasn’t on his porch.

“I’m like where is the text letting me know how many hours there’s left so somebody can meet up with them?” Sam said.

He called the store right away.

“They said go check with a neighbor see if there’s anything misplaced,” Sam told us.

But none of his neighbors could help him find the laptop.

He said, “they told me to go investigate it with a police officer.”

Sam filed a police report, but the detective told him the store manager wanted to speak to him directly.

Sam says he tried connecting with the store but no one called him back.

“I’m like oh wow, where do we go from here,” he said.

That’s when he called Solve It 7!

We reached out to the store and asked if they would consider refunding Sam.

Two weeks later the store agreed–giving Sam his $1,000 back.

“I was ecstatic, I was like yes!” Sam said.

No more laptop let-down for Sam!

He said, “you guys have just been a blessing and huge help so I thank you guys very much.”

Got a problem you can’t solve on your own? Send an email to SolveIt7@whdh.com or give us a call at 617-367-7777.

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