Solve it 7: Man’s lawn turned into Eversource construction zone

Jerry Catanzariti takes great pride in his yard.

"When there are no leaves here, this house is pristine. The lawn, the bushes, everything that’s here is fixed just so," Jerry said.

But this past summer, a neighbor’s power problem turned his front lawn into an Eversource construction zone.

"I left for the morning and came back, and all of a sudden they were digging in the front of my house," Jerry said.

His home’s curb lost its appeal. Jerry said they moved his fence, moved his bushes, and cut into his driveway.

Jerry said the crew chief promised everything would be repaired.

"They gave me a flyer and said if somebody isn’t out in two weeks to fix your property, this is the number that you call," Jerry said.

Two weeks passed and no work was done, so Jerry started calling the number on the flyer.

"Everybody is going to get back to me, and nothing happens," Jerry said.

Weeks turned into months, and Jerry says the damage was spreading to the other side of his driveway. He was worried that it would continue to get worse. But with no returned calls and no answers, he was running out of options.

"We’re sitting and I said ‘You know we have to go to court to do this, to get this settled’ and then low and behold Kris Anderson is on the news, and I said ‘That’s what I’m gonna do,’" Jerry said.

So he reached out to Solve It 7.

We called Eversource. The representative told us that they didn’t have a damage claim on file for Jerry, but that someone would reach out to him regarding the work.

A few weeks later, his driveway and yard were repaired.

"It looks great. It looks great. You couldn’t ask for anything better. It worked out well," Jerry said.

Eversource’s spokesperson told us, "Providing reliable electric service to our customers is a top priority and, when our work inadvertently leads to property damage, making things right is also a priority."

"Solve It 7, you know, they did something I couldn’t do in five or six months," Jerry said.

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