Solve It 7: Massage Malfunction

Brian Latson wanted to make sure he stayed fit after retiring, but it was hard for his body to recover from working out.

“There were some months where I was particularly sore because you know, I’m getting old and stuff,” Brian said.

His wife thought a local massage business might help him.

Brian said, “she had gotten a guest pass for me one day and I said oh, this is nice. Let me get a membership.”

Soon, Brian was getting a massage once a month.

“I really liked it and it was nice all up until COVID knocked on the door,” he said.

The massage business shut down and a few months later Brian realized he was still getting billed for monthly massages.

He said, “I went down there one day just to check to see what was going on.”

“There’s a sign on the door (it said) we’re closed, if you have any questions call this number,” Brian said.

Brian called the number and left a message.

He said, “another month or two goes by, hoping somebody would call me back, you know to let me know what they were planning to do.”

“This is crazy. And then you’re not even going to respond to my inquiries,” Brian said.

Brian knew the company had another location nearby and went there hoping to talk to someone in person.

“So, I spoke to one of the clerks and I said, ‘you know you guys have been billing us for a year, you know what’s going on,'” Brian said.

The clerk told him he’d have to talk to the corporate office and that he’d email Brian the phone number.

Brian said, “I never got an email. I felt used, I felt taken, you know.”

So, Brian reached out to Solve It 7.

We were able to contact the corporate office for Brian.

“And then miraculously,” he said.

The massage company apologized and agreed to refund Brian’s money.

“Look what we got we got a check for $605 no note, nothing else just the check,” said Brian.

Finally, lifting a weight off of his shoulders.

“I couldn’t be happier with that,” Brian said.

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