Solve It 7: Missing Memorial

“It’s a pretty spot,” says Loren Westmoreland of the quiet section of the cemetery where her father, Peter Lake, is buried with other veterans. “I like it here.”

Peter’s wife, Alice, wanted to be memorialized by his side and this past August, she passed away unexpectedly.

“All of a sudden she couldn’t breathe, so we rushed her to the hospital,” says Loren. “She ended up having a stroke.”

In less than a week, Loren’s mother was gone.

“We didn’t expect her to go out this quick,” says Loren’s daughter, Brooke.

“Way too quick,” says Loren.

Alice was cremated and, following her wishes, her urn was buried with her husband under the plaque bearing his name. Loren contacted the memorial company so Alice’s name could be added to the memorial stone.

“I just sent them my paperwork and cut them a check,” she says.

The company told Loren the etching process would take six to eight weeks. Three months later, presuming that her grandmother’s name had been added, Brooke went to the cemetery right after a snowstorm.

“I came here on her birthday and I shoveled for like two hours to find her plaque,” says Brooke. “Then I found it and her name wasn’t there.”

Upset that Alice’s name hadn’t been added, Loren reached out to the company that ordered the etching.

“[They] kept saying, ‘Oh, it’s going to be done in a couple more weeks, a couple more weeks,'” she says.

Toward the end of February, Loren says someone from the company called and said her mother’s name had been added to the plaque. Because of COVID-19, she had to wait to visit and see for herself.

“The end of March, I came here and I saw that it still wasn’t done,” Loren says.

That’s when she reached out to someone who could get it done: Solve It 7.

“I’m not asking for much,” Loren said. “I’m like, ‘Why isn’t anyone helping?'”

When we contacted the company’s owner, he was very apologetic and said there was no excuse for such a long delay. He promised to get it taken care of immediately. Days later…

“It’s official ma,” says Brooke, as she and Loren look down at the memorial plaque with Alice’s name added.

“It gives me a sense of peace that I see the name now,” Loren says. “Thank you Solve It 7. I don’t think this would have been resolved without your help.”

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