Solve It 7: Missing records for Duxbury veteran

DUXBURY, MASS. (WHDH) - To his family, Carl Schadhauser was a Boston firefighter and military veteran who taught enduring life lessons.

“My grandfather was my whole world,” said his granddaughter, Dawn Bright. “Grampy believed if you borrowed a dime and said you were gonna pay it back, you paid it back.”

Dawn moved in with her grandfather during her senior year of high school. It turned out to be precious time together because Carl passed away later that year.

“My grandfather didn’t make it much past my graduation,” said Bright.

Now a grandmother herself, Dawn wanted to learn more about the man who meant so much to her.

“We have little bits and pieces, but we have a lot of stuff that’s misinformation,” said Dawn, who requested Carl’s military records from the National Archives in 2019.

After a few months, the records were found, and Dawn paid a $70 processing fee to get them.

But she hasn’t received any records or updates since then.

“I’ve gone online. I’ve tried calling. I’ve sent two more written correspondence. I’ve heard nothing,” said Dawn.

That’s why she contacted Solve It 7.

We reached out to the National Archives and Records Administration on her behalf.

A representative said on-site staff had been reduced and the agency was only dealing with the most urgent requests due to the pandemic but promised to see what he could do for Dawn.

A few days later, Dawn received her grandfather’s records — a precious link to her past.

“I almost hit the floor when I heard the message, and I couldn’t believe you called,” Dawn said.

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