A local mom learned she had money coming her way. But says when she didn’t receive it, she needed Solve It 7’s help to cash in. Brandon Gunnoe has the story.

Lindsay got a letter in the mail with good news:  she was owed more than $560. 

“We were excited,” Lindsay said. 

And the timing was perfect:  “We had just had our second kid,” Lindsay said.  “We could use the money.”

The letter was from the mortgage company that financed her condo.

“When the mortgage company was bought out by a new company, we had money that was still left in the escrow account and that they had a check that was owed to us, and all I had to do was sign the form and send it back,” Lindsay said. 

Lindsay followed the directions, and the busy mom waited for the check.

“It wasn’t like it was 20 bucks. It was a decent amount of money,” Lindsay said. 

When the check didn’t show after a month, she called the company.

“They said that they sent a check. They had to check into it to make sure that no check was cashed, which it wasn’t because we never received it. And then they told me they’d cut me a new check. But it could be a 60 to 90-day processing time. So to call back in, you know, the 90 days,” Lindsay said. 

Lindsay says 90 days passed, and still no check.  

“We called, and it was the same story — they sent us a check,” Lindsay said.  “I told them we never received it. They said, ‘Let us look into it. You know, if we find that it was never cashed, we’ll cut you a new check.'”

Lindsay says she never got her check — even after contacting the company many times.

“It was the exact same thing every time,” Lindsay said. 

So much time has passed, Lindsay is now about to have her third child. 

“I think it’s crazy that they kind of gave us the runaround for so long,” Lindsay said. 

Tired of that runaround, she emailed Solve It 7.   We contacted the mortgage company  

And guess what finally arrived: her check!

“Thank you so much for helping,” Lindsay said. “We reached out to you, and within a week, we had the check. We definitely will put it to good use. We’ll be buying some more diapers and formula.”

Good luck, Lindsay! Did someone tell you the check is in the mail, and you’re still waiting? 

Give us a call at 617-367-7777. 

Or email us at SolveIt7@whdh.com 

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