A local family wanted to put some sizzle in their summer and bought a brand-new backyard grill. When it wasn’t delivered, the family turned up the heat and contacted Solve It Seven. Brandon Gunnoe has the story.

Rommy got the text she was waiting for. “We were very happy,” she said. 

She and her husband ordered a fancy grill with a smoker from a store.

“We were so excited about it,” Rommy said. 

The text said it would be delivered on July 3rd. “We were like, ‘Okay! Perfect,'” Rommy said. 

She invited her family for a Fourth of July cookout.

“We went out too and purchased our stuff, all the ingredients,” Rommy said. 

Rommy stayed home from work on the 3rd — waited all day — but the grill never came.

“I was very upset. I was very excited to have a nice day with my family a nice dinner. So I had to cancel because there were no grill,” Rommy said. 

She called the store.

“He told me, ‘I’m sorry, ma’am. There’s nothing we can do. They reschedule it again. I said to them, ‘I have to go to work. I stay home again,'” Rommy said. 

Rommy says she waited a second time — for 12 hours.

“A no-show again. I was very mad. I was very disappointed. I couldn’t believe it,” Rommy said. 

She called the store’s headquarters.

“You guys promised me already that you’re going to deliver my grill. I pay my money for it. So, at this point, what are you guys gonna do about it?” Rommy said. 

She says she got a third delivery date, but the grill still didn’t come!

“I called again, and I told them, ‘Listen, this is not fair. This is unbelievable. I never had so much trouble in my life,'” Rommy said. 

Rommy’s next call was to Solve It 7.

“We need to keep fighting for our grill,” Rommy said. 

We emailed the store. Rommy says a manager called and promised a fourth delivery date.

“They didn’t come! No message. No apologies. No nothing,” Rommy said. 

We contacted the store again — and finally, the grill arrived!

“Solve it, 7; you are amazing,” Rommy said. 

The store also gave them $200 off for their troubles.

Now, they can host family cookouts for the rest of the summer. 

“Thank you so much. We really appreciate it,” Rommy said. 

The store where Rommy bought the grill told us: “The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We are pleased that the issue has been resolved to her satisfaction.”

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