SOUTHBRIDGE, MASS. (WHDH) - Kent Davey loves music.

“I play guitar and I dabble in bass and drums,” he said.

He’s been playing since his teens and even has his own band.

Kent said, “We mix it up with class rock–we do it in our spare time.”

Since COVID hit, Ken’s been itching to see a concert for some musical inspiration.

“I had seen Kenny Wade Shepard before and I know he puts on a good show; he’s like a guitar guru – a prodigy,” Kent said.

So when he came across tickets online to another one of Shepard’s shows, Kent jumped on them.

He purchased two tickets through a third-party vendor for almost $400.

Kent said, “they were gonna send me a link for the ticket download. I bought them on August 9th and the show was on August 21st.”

About a week after he purchased the seats Kent received an email from the ticket company.

“That’s when I noticed the tickets would come by August 20th which is a day before the show and I’m like that’s kind of cutting it close,” Kent said.

When August 20th came and he still didn’t have the tickets, Kent tried to contact the customer service team.

Kent said, “they had a live chat on their website, said all the agents were busy we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I still didn’t have a link and I tried to contact them and they didn’t get back to me, they never responded.

And Kent never got the tickets so he tried to ask for a refund.

“Still no response, they didn’t reach out, didn’t say we’re sorry–something clicked I said well maybe Solve It 7 can help,” Kent said.

We contacted the ticket company and explained that Kent was owed a refund because he never got the tickets.

2 days later Kent got the news he was waiting for!

“They’re going to refund me the money,” Kent said.

They also gave Kent a $100 credit to use toward a future concert.

“You guys were great, I don’t know what you said to them but they ended up calling me so it worked out,” Kent said.

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