NAHANT, MASS. (WHDH) - Paul Nardone loves the beach.

“I’m living the dream, I mean I do what I want to do. I go down the beach and I read, it’s my favorite part of the day,” Paul says.

But one trip to the sand caused him lots of trouble.

“I was coming downstairs, and my foot caught the last step of the stair I stepped off and I went down, and when I did, I kind of folded my leg underneath me. They took me in an ambulance to the hospital, had an MRI, and confirmed that I had torn my ACL,” Paul says.

Now Paul struggles with constant leg pain.

He says just walking is difficult.

His doctor suggested he get a handicap placard to make getting around easier.

Paul says, “well I drive around the parking lot a few times hoping a space will open up close to the door, when they don’t I just get frustrated.”

Paul and his doctor filled out the form and faxed it to the RMV number listed on the application.

“It’s a two-page application, you fill out the front, bring it to your doctor and he fills out the second page and they fax it in,” Paul says.

He expected the handicap placard to arrive in the mail within a few weeks.

“I waited and waited, never heard a thing, I tried to call but you can’t speak to anyone–it’s really bothering me now,” Paul says.

His doctor suggested they fill out a second application.

Paul says, “and I noted at the top of the second application, that it was a second application and I highlighted it in yellow so they wouldn’t miss it but nothing.”

So Paul called Solve It 7.

“I watch Channel 7 News exclusively,” Paul says.

We contacted the RMV and explained that Paul has already submitted 2 applications and has been waiting for nearly 5 months.

Paul says, “my hands were tied I couldn’t do anything.”

A few days later the RMV contacted Paul to apologize. They rushed him a handicap placard the next day.

Paul says, “it was wonderful, couldn’t have been any more accommodating; it’s a load off my shoulders.”

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