WINTHROP, MASS. (WHDH) - A local family was trying to pay off a big bill after struggling through the pandemic. But just when they thought they were in the clear they hit a payoff problem and called Solve It 7.  

It was a challenge for Celeste to keep her three kids fed and clothed with a roof over their heads.

Her husband worked in the restaurant business and lost his job when COVID hit.

“It was really, really stressful,” Celeste said. 

The Winthrop couple used a credit card to help keep the family afloat. Their bill grew to more than $19,000. 

“We weren’t doing anything crazy or extravagant. We were just buying groceries and trying to you know keep the household running and not disrupt our kids’ lives,” Celeste said. 

Celeste was excited when her husband recently got a new job.

“We started to feel some relief, but we still have this credit card debt,” Celeste said. 

They refinanced their home and took out money to pay off their credit card, mailing in a check for that huge sum.

“I kind of assumed everything was okay,” Celeste said. 

But the credit card company said it never got that check. 

Celeste stopped payment and sent a new one. 

The second check cleared and her account showed she was all paid up!

But soon Celeste got an alert saying she had missed a credit card payment.

“I was like, what happened,” Celeste said. 

Her balance was back up to more than $20,000 and she was hit with more interest charges and a fee!

“I was shocked and horrified,” Celeste said. 

Turns out the credit card company had received the two checks but mistakenly canceled the payments on both of them.

“I was very, very upset,” Celeste said. 

Celeste says she called the card company for six weeks but could not get the problem fixed.

“I was in tears a lot of days,” Celeste said. 

That’s when she called Solve It 7.  

“I couldn’t believe how quickly you guys responded,” Celeste said. 

We contacted the credit card company and the next day they credited her account for the 19-thousand dollars. The interest and fees were removed. 

“You guys were such a big part of like this being resolved I don’t know if it would have gotten resolved without you. So, thank you,” Celeste said. 

If you feel like something just isn’t adding up, we want to help. 

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