Solve It 7: Picket Predicament

DIGHTON, MASS. (WHDH) - Debby Villafranca said she is proud of her big back yard.

“I do all the lawn mowing and weed wacking,” said Debby. “It’s a lot to take care of.”

The retiree moved to Massachusetts from California a few years ago to be closer to her son and added a fence to her new home.

“It matches the house and nobody will have this color fence,” said Debby. “I wanted it to be different and classy looking.”

Debby said she loved her fence so much she decided to expand it.

“I want it bigger so I can plant a garden back there and dogs will have even more room,” said Debby.

In June, she hired a contractor to do the work and paid him a $2,300 deposit.

“I think it was $4,300 for the whole job,” said Debby.

The contractor said it would take about a month for the materials to come in from his distributor, but one month turned to two and then three.

“It’s been five months now and nobody’s reaching out to me,” said Debby.

Debby got the distributor’s number and called him. He told her because of the pandemic it was taking longer to get the necessary materials.

“He said he didn’t have an answer for me,” said Debby.

Hoping to break down this barrier, Debby reached out to Solve It 7

We contacted the distributor and contractor. Neither could get the supplies needed to do the job, so the contractor returned Debby’s deposit.

“It felt good to have at least the money back,” said Debby. The problem has now been solved which I’m very grateful for.”

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