A North Andover man says when his $2,600 pool heater broke — his pool company left him high and dry. He contacted Solve It 7 and we jumped right in.  Brandon Gunnoe has the story. 

Bob has a gorgeous pool in his backyard. But he has been spending the summer on his deck! 

“I couldn’t use the pool. I was mad,” Bob said.

In May, his new pool heater stopped working.

“When I started to fire it up, it would not fire up,” Bob said.

Without the heater, the water was too cold for Bob.  

“I don’t like cold water. I have neuropathy and I have some knee issues,” Bob said.

Bob called his pool company and was told the soonest someone could come out was the 4th of July. 

“I said, ‘July 4? Is someone working?’ And they basically said, ‘Yes,'” Bob said. 

But the 4th came and went without a splash. 

“They just never showed up. I just was extremely upset and ticked off,” Bob said. 

Bob felt like he was treading water, but he called the pool company one more time.

“I told him I wanted someone there immediately. And their immediately was, ‘Well, we’ll see what we can do,'” Bob said. 

With his hope sinking, Bob contacted Solve it 7. 

“My wife kept telling me to call Solve It 7 because they can probably help,” Bob said. 

We dove into the problem and soon company representatives put in a new pool heater. 

Now Bob’s doing swimmingly.

“Thank you. It was a very, very big help to have Solve It 7 involved,” Bob said. 

Feel like you’re in the deep end with a problem? Maybe we can throw you a line!  

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