Solve It 7: Re-Volting Development

EVERETT, MASS. (WHDH) - One of the interesting things about church is when you walk through the doors, there are so many different things you can find: faith, friendship and, in some cases, love.

“She walked in and caught my eye,” says John Daniels of his now-wife, Maria. “She sat right in front of me and I said, ‘Oh no!'”

Luckily, for John, he mustered up the couraged to go up to Maria and chat.

“Love at first sight it seems like,” says Solve It 7’s Kris Anderson. “Pretty much,” John says.

Last year, John and Maria found their perfect home, in the city of Everett where they met.

“We like this city, Everett,” Maria says. “And we liked this house.”

As soon as they moved in, the Daniels updated their billing address with their utility companies.

“Always paid them before the due date,” John says.

Maria made the address change with National Grid and everything appeared to be find until earlier this year when she noticed a problem with their bill.

“My wife said, ‘Oh, look, they have the wrong address on this,'” John says.

That wasn’t the only issue. National Grid had the wrong meter number listed on the bill as well, meaning the Daniels’ were being charged for someone else’s electricity. John called the company to figure out what was going on.

“The agent told us, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll send you a corrected bill that will show zero balance,'” John says.

They got the bill and it did have a zero balance…but about 10 days later they got another surprise.

“We received another bill,” John says. “For $823.48.”

Shocked, John called the company again and says the agent told him the new bill was accurate. The company said the Daniels’ had been underbilled.

John and Maria didn’t think that was fair, because the company made the mistake. National Grid disagreed. With no end in sight, John called Solve It 7.

“Do you think you should have to pay this money?” Kris asks.

“Goodness, no,” says John. “I feel like they don’t want to own up to their mistake.”

We spoke with a company representative who told us he would look into the current concerns. A few days later, another rep reached out to John and Maria.

“She says, ‘We’re going to fix this today,'” says John. “And I said, ‘Hallelujah!'”

The company reduced the Daniels’ debt by $700. The remaining balance is what they actually owed and they paid it immediately.

“Solve It 7 was the reason for the resolution,” John says.

“We are very happy,” says Maria. “Thank you so much Channel 7. It’s great!”

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