Marie Gallant loves being at her beach house.

“I’ve owned it for 25 years,” she said. 

It’s a place for her and her family to spend summers enjoying the ocean breeze.

But the summer fun comes with some work.

Marie said, “It’s an older house so there’s always something that needs replacing.”

Last year Marie needed a new heating system.

She hired a contractor who charged her 13-thousand dollars.

The contractor told her she was eligible for a rebate from Mass Save. 

Mass Save is a program that provides financial support to people who make their homes or businesses more energy efficient.

Marie said, “they provided me with the paperwork and I filled it all in and then they have to call and document it.”

Marie qualified for a $3,500 rebate. 

She was told she would get a check in the mail.

“It takes usually 6 to 8 weeks to receive it,” she said.

When the check never came, Marie made some calls.

She found out her rebate was sent to the wrong address.

Marie said, “it should have been sent to my home address, they had to verify that the check hadn’t been cashed (and) a few weeks later they said they would reissue it.”

But months passed and Marie was still waiting.

Marie said, “when i called them they were re-certifying all the rebates, and then 3 weeks after that it had to go to the higher-ups and I didn’t think that was a satisfactory answer. Every time when they gave another reason I said, ok ill wait another 3 weeks.”

Marie decided she needed some rebate relief.

“I’m calling Solve It 7,” she said. 

We reached out to Mass Save and asked what was delaying Marie’s money.

Marie said, “I was almost afraid that too much time would pass and they’d say oh you lost your eligibility.”

But one week later Marie got her check.

“So quickly, I’m amazed; thank you,” she said. 

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