Kevin Monroe is in awe of his daughter, Kiki.
“She’s my hero. She’s my champion,” says the Randolph father. “That’s my joy.”
Kiki is living with autism and diabetes, but she has never let her health problems keep her down.
“When we first adopted her, she was paralyzed,” Kevin says. “She couldn’t walk. Now she walks just fine.”
Kevin drives Kiki to all of her doctor appointments, but he hit a real roadblock recently after buying a used car from a rental car company.
“I’ve been waiting for about four months now and I’ve yet to see any registration on the car,” says Kevin.
Kevin says he asked the company to transfer his plates from his old car to the new one. It seemed simple enough, but after countless calls to the company and the RMV, Kevin was still stuck in park.
“It’s a big problem,” Kevin says. “It needs to be solved. I need help.”
So he contacted Solve It 7!
We reached out to the company.
“Once Solve It 7 got involved, everything took off,” Kevin says.
The company gave Kevin a rental car while they investigated. After some digging, they told us the new registration had been mailed out, but for some reason it never arrived. They ordered Kevin a duplicate.
“This is what I’ve been waiting for!” says Kevin, holding up the registration it had taken him so long to get. Now, he’s able to take Kiki wherever she needs to go.
“Channel 7 was my angel,” Kevin says. “They got the job done.”
Got a problem that’s driving you mad? Send us an email to solveit7@whdh.Com or give us a call at 617-367-7777.

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