Solve It 7: Registry Wrong

TYNGSBORO, MASS. (WHDH) - When times are tough, something as simple as music can help. Michael Desjardins knows this well.

The Tyngsboro man has been battling a number of health issues recently and his musical talents as a guitar player and composer have helped him cope. Music is Michael’s refuge.

We spoke to Michael before the coronavirus pandemic. He lives alone and relies on his car to get around.

“To be able to go out, visit family, do things that I need to do, see doctors,” Michael says of the importance of having his car.

But earlier this year, his right to drive and life as he knew it was put on hold when Michael received a letter from the Registry of Motor Vehicles saying he needed to stop driving due to a 2016 conviction for driving under the influence in New Hampshire. Now that the Massachusetts RMV had that information, it was suspending his license for a year.

“I just was in complete shock,” Michael says.

Shock because Michael says it never happened.

“Absolutely not,” says Michael, who claims he has never been arrested for a DUI at any time.

Michael immediately reached out to the New Hampshire DMV and says they acknowledged that it was a mistake.

“I was happy to hear that they’d seen it in the computer that it was a mistake,” says Michael.

Figuring the problem was solved, Michael was ready to put his life back into drive. But while the issue was fixed in New Hampshire, it wasn’t in Massachusetts. The Mass RMV said it couldn’t fix the error until it received official paperwork from New Hampshire’s DMV stating that the DUI was a mistake.

“They said they were gonna mail the letter,” says Michael. “And they never mailed it.”

With his car stuck in park and unsure of what to do next, Michael switched gears and turned to Solve It 7 for help.

“I know you guys get very [good] results and just at that moment, it popped into my head,” he says of contacting Solve It 7.

We reached out to both the Massachusetts and New Hampshire registries. A spokesman for the Mass RMV told us they were looking into it. A few days later, they sent us an email explaining that the information about Michael’s DUI conviction in New Hampshire was the result of “law enforcement error.” Michael’s Massachusetts license remained active, the RMV said, and the violation had been removed.

“I’m very relieved,” says Michael. “I’m so thankful.”

Getting the DUI confusion cleared up is music to Michael’s ears. Now he’s ready to rock and roll on the roadways thanks to Solve It 7.

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