A local woman was worried about a potentially dangerous situation in her backyard. She says no one would help her, so she turned to Solve It 7.  Brandon Gunnoe has the story.  

Janine bought a house with a big backyard,  a relaxing pool, and two large propane tanks. 

“The tanks came with the house. They were there to heat the pool,” Janine said. 

After a while, Janine decided the tanks had to go.

“We didn’t need them because I wasn’t gonna heat the pool,” Janine said. 

And with the wild New England weather, she worried the tanks could get toppled during a storm.

“The tanks were attached to each other with a wire, and then the pipe coming up. There’s a lot of dead trees back here, and they fall all the time. I thought that was dangerous. If we get a gust of wind in, that line snapped. I’ve seen explosions, and stuff, makes me a little nervous,” Janine said. 

The two tanks had a company name on them. So she called the number to have the tanks picked up.  

“She said, ‘Oh, they’ll they’ll be out. They’ll make an appointment with you. They’ll call you and make an appointment with you.’ They never did,” Janine said. 

So Janine says a week later, she called again.

“They put me on the phone on hold for a lengthy time, and then they just kind of disappeared for a while, like an hour or so,” Janine said. 

And when she did speak to someone, she felt even more uneasy.

“They gave me the runaround. You know, ‘Do you own the house?’ I said, ‘I have mortgage papers.’ ‘How do you know they’re our tanks?’ It has the name on them.’ When I told him it was a safety concern, he just said, ‘Call 911.’ I just thought, this is it. They’re not gonna come and get the tanks. So I have to take another action,” Janine said. 

So Janine emailed Solve It 7, and we jumped into action.

After we contacted the company, the two gas tanks were picked up the next day.

A representative told us: Serving customers safely and reliably every day is our main priority. We apologize for the difficulty with her request to remove the propane tanks from her property.

“Thank you. Solve it 7,” Janine said. “Thank you because I don’t think they would have done anything if I didn’t get a hold of somebody.”

You’re welcome, Janine. Do you have a problem you’re worrying about? Maybe we can help.  

Give us a call at 617-367-7777. 

Or email us at SolveIt7@whdh.com

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