Solve It 7: Repossessed Car…Dealership

Back in the summer of 2016, Ashlee Tripp and her aunt decided it was time to find the 18-year old her first car.

“I’m a broke college student,” Ashlee said. “I saved up all my money working at Dunkin (Donuts) so it was a lot to invest my money into.”

The two searched online and found a dealership nearby that seemed to have what they were looking for.

“I looked at the reviews and the auto dealership had good reviews, so that’s when we decided to go down and take a look at the car,” she said.

Ashlee fell in love with a mint green 2005 Mercury Montego — and the price was right.

“500 dollars for deposit, then $2,900..all inclusive $3,400” Ashlee added.

Ashlee says they finished paying for the vehicle, and were ready to pick it up – when they got a phone call from the dealership’s owner.

“I ran into some real bad financial problems and all the cars on the lot were repossessed by the finance company” Dawn says.

“So he’s telling you the car is gone?” 7’s Kris Anderson asked.

“Right, I was pretty angry” said Ashlee.

Not only was Ashlee’s car gone, the car lot was shut down.

Dawn and Ashlee say they spent months calling the dealership’s owner trying to get the cash back.

“You’re calling him over and over again — what is he telling you?” Anderson asked.

“You’re going to be taken care of, not to worry…absolutely you’re going to get all of your money back,” Dawn replied.

” I was crying,” Ashlee added.

Dawn filed complaints with the Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau.

But when that didn’t work, with her patience running on empty, she switched lanes and reached out to Solve It 7.

We tried calling the dealership, but their phone line was disconnected and Facebook page inactive.

We visited the lot and it was indeed closed. This case was stalled for months — until we noticed the company’s Facebook page was active again.

The dealership was back in business!

“It was just really frustrating like why would you say you’re going to pay us back but now ignore us and sell cars to different people?

The phone was working too — and we spoke to the owner, who confirmed that financial trouble forced him to close.

But now that he was selling cars again,  he promised to pay dawn and Ashlee back the money he owed.

Through an AG’s office mediator he did — sending them this check for $3,400.

“I really cant thank si7 enough,” Ashlee said. “I believe it was Solve It 7 that got our money back.”