A local woman says someone swiped some of the points she was saving for a vacation. When she had trouble getting them back, she contacted Solve It 7.

 Katie travels the country for work as a flight attendant. 

She uses a credit card tied to a certain hotel chain. The more she spends on the card, the more hotel points she earns toward free rooms.

“I love it. It’s great to see the numbers rack up,” Katie said. 

Katie had been saving her points to use for a vacation. 

“Either Fort Lauderdale or Houston. Someplace warm for a couple days to get away,” Katie said. 

But this fall, the Peabody woman got an email saying she had used 32,000 points to book a hotel room in Kentucky.

“I was pretty shocked. I’ve never been to Kentucky, never really had a desire to go to Kentucky,” Katie said. 

Katie immediately called the hotel chain.

“They assured me they had canceled the reservation and frozen my account so nothing could happen,” Katie said. 

But something did.

“The next day, I got a receipt thanking me for checking out. They let the person check-in and sent me a survey asking me how my stay was,” Katie said. 

Katie tried to get her points back. 

“I received an email back from them, just a generic, ‘We didn’t see any fraud.’ How is there no fraud? I’ve never been to Kentucky,” Katie said. 

Fed up, she emailed Solve It 7. 

“I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own,” Katie said. 

We contacted the hotel chain. 

Two days later, a representative confirmed to us that this was an unauthorized reservation and promised to return the points to Katie’s account.

“The points just magically reappeared,” Katie said. 

She even got an extra 15,000 points for her trouble.

Now she’s back to planning her winter getaway. 

“Thank you so much for stepping in and helping. I’m also shocked how quickly you guys responded to me. It was super helpful,” Katie said. 

Having trouble making your point​ in a dispute? Maybe we can help. 

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Or give us a call at 617-367-7777.  

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