(WHDH)– “These are my mom’s,” says Laura Pica, holding a necklace of pink rosary beads.

The beads represent two things that are very important to Laura: family and faith.

“These are made from the roses from my mom’s funeral,” she says.

Laura’s friend had the special rosary beads made for her. The petals are compressed into beads. Laura loved being able to keep her mom close in that special way. She wanted to do the same for more loved ones, like her beloved uncles – Kenny and Lenny.

“This is Kenny’s,” Laura says, pointing to a framed, triangular American flag that sits above a mantle in her living room. “He passed in June. Then this one is Lenny’s,” she says, pointing to a second flag. Both uncles were veterans. “He passed in September of 2019.”

Laura gently packed up flowers from her uncle’s funerals and mailed them to a company that makes rose petal rosaries along with a check for $500.

“They said I would have them before Christmas,” Laura says.

But Christmas passed and so did New Years with no rosary beads. In mid-February, Laura called the company.

“I was assured that they were in the mold and that they were having a hard time getting the pieces to complete the job,” she says.

Laura says once the pandemic struck, the company stopped responding.

“I was really upset,” she says. “[I felt] I let my uncles down that I lost their flowers.”

With no flowers, no rosary beads and out $500, Laura reached out to Solve It 7.

We called the company. One of the owners told us they were initially having trouble getting materials used to make the beads. Then COVID-19 made things worse. However, she promised Laura’s beads were almost done and would be sent out in a few days. Later that week, Laura got a big surprise.

“I was cooking dinner, brought the package in, put it on the counter,” she says. “[I] was opening another Amazon package and then opened this. I said, ‘Oh my god they’re here!'”

The Picas are grateful their prayers were answered. Now they have these special reminders of two men who meant so much to them.

“This would not have happened without you guys,” Laura says of Solve It 7. “So thank you very, very much.”

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