Elly Dombroski loves her home and her tight-knit community.

“I was here 34 years in June, lovely neighborhood,” Elly says.

But after 3 decades her house needed a little sprucing up.

Elly says, “I was having the house painted, getting things done.”

And she wanted to have her dining room rug cleaned.

“There was a few little spots on it but nothing really too bad,” Elly says.

Elly hired a cleaning service to do the job and paid a deposit.

“Told me he needed 50% down,” Elly says.

Elly’s rug was picked up, cleaned, and returned to her home, but there was a problem.

Elly says, “I unrolled it and I saw all these stains.”

The initial cleaning had not worked.

Elly didn’t feel she should have to pay the remaining cost.

“I have all these pictures of these stains that weren’t removed. I tried so many times to get the owner of the company, they wouldn’t give me a name they wouldn’t even give me an address,” Elly says.

So Elly called someone she knew could clean up this mess.

“I figured I’d try Solve It 7,” she says.

“I’ve seen Solve It 7 on tv all the time, and I’ve always been very impressed with the work you do,” Elly says.

We contacted the cleaning service and explained the rug was still stained.

They agreed to take the rug back and get the stains out and said Elly didn’t have to pay them any more money.

Elly says, “I was thrilled, thank you so much– I would definitely recommend Solve It 7.”

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