A South Shore woman says she ordered groceries and ended up with a shocking shopping bill. When she had trouble getting her money back, she contacted Solve It 7. Brandon Gunnoe has the story.

Melissa was gearing up for a movie marathon.  

“My daughter had her friend over,” Melissa said.

And they planned the perfect munchie menu.

“Popcorn. Brownies. Milk. You know, just the whole movie night junk food stuff,” Melissa said.

She ordered the snacks through a grocery delivery app.

“I received a notification that the groceries were delivered with a picture of my front porch with no groceries,” Melissa said.

Melissa checked her porch.

“I looked around. I said, ‘Where’s my groceries?’ Kind of stormed in the house, and I said to my husband, ‘There’s nothing out there,'” Melissa said.

So she called the delivery company.

“They said they would kind of track into the driver’s GPS. Try to get a hold of her. They put me on hold. They tried several times. She wouldn’t answer,” Melissa said.

Then another shopping surprise.

“I noticed an additional charge of $143. They said it was more groceries that she had added on — for me to pay for. I was beyond livid. She took my groceries, then she shopped for herself,” Melissa said.

Melissa was left with a $253 bill.

“I was totally beside myself. I panicked. I told them I want a refund. They said at that point; they would give me a refund, no problem,” Melissa said.

But Melissa says she didn’t get her refund.

“After calling them relentlessly, they said they have to bring it to the higher-ups the security team, and it’s going to have to go through them. And that made me more upset,” Melissa said.

So she contacted Solve It 7.

“Wasn’t getting any answers. So my husband said, ‘Call them they’ll get everything done,'” Melissa said.

We sent a message to the delivery company.

A representative told us the driver was removed from the app, Melissa got her refund, and they were glad they could help resolve this issue.

“You guys are awesome. Thank you so much. It’s amazing what you guys did and how quickly it was done. Unbelievable,” Melissa said.

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