There’s nothing Al Hardy likes more than some friendly competition.

“We play for fun you know what I mean, so it’s nice,” Al said.

He’s been playing shuffleboard for decades

“I played it in the service–Okinawa. It’s a great game,” he said.

Last year he decided to buy a 20-foot shuffleboard for his game room–it cost about $4,400.

Al said, “You can have a few people playing pool, playing shuffleboard, you’ve got the arcade game, the dartboard…”

But when Al started assembling the shuffleboard he noticed some real issues.

Al said, “there were 2 bases on each end and the shuffleboard is supposed to fit in, but it wouldn’t fit. It seemed like they shipped the wrong piece and we noticed it was all cracked all the way around.”

The shuffleboard is so big, returning it wasn’t going to be easy.

“I spoke to the personnel, went to supervisors, multiple exchanges they said they were going to give me 25% off,” Al said.

He agreed to the discount because he thought he’d be able to fix the board.

He said, “it looks beautiful and it is nice.”

But the discount never came.

“They said they would get in touch, they told me I would get an email and I never did. It was frustrating but if you get upset and you scream and you yell, you don’t get anywhere,” Al said.

After months of emails and phone calls with the company, Al decided to place his bets on Solve It 7.

Al said, “you got right back to me.”

We contacted the company and asked them to either compensate Al for the damaged shuffleboard or agree to pick up and replace the damaged parts.

Two months later the company agreed to refund Al his entire $4,400 and said he could keep the shuffleboard!

Al said, “I was delighted. Sometimes that’s what you need, a shout-out, somebody else on your side.”

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