A dangerous situation for students in Revere has finally been fixed thanks to Solve It 7.

For more than a month sidewalks along American Legion highway have been covered in several feet of snow, even near the Rumney Marsh Academy where middle school students were forced to walk in the street.

“It was so dangerous, you had to basically walk in the street because the road was covered in snow,” one student said.

Clifford Pisano, a former school crossing guard, recorded cell phone video of kids forced to walk in the street.

“Imagine if one of these vehicles clipped those kids. Who’s responsible?” he said.

Pisano said no one wanted to take responsibility for clearing the sidewalk. The state owns the highway but city generally maintains the sidewalk.

With no one stepping up the children were left walking in the highway‘s breakdown lane dodging cars to get to and from school.

“We don’t usually see that much snow, but still somebody should have done something,” Pisano said.

When Solve It 7 found out about the problem we reached out to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and told them about the conditions.

Within hours MassDOT sent crews with plows, dump trucks and shovels to make a safe path for the kids to walk on.

Parents couldn’t be happier.

“It’s awesome because every morning these poor kids walking in the street is dangerous. I’m glad this was done, it needed to be done,” one parent said.

MassDOT officials said they normally don’t plow sidewalks, but in this case they made an exception because of the danger to students.

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