ASHLAND, MASS. (WHDH) - It’s said that the only thing better than having a child is having a grandchild.

“You can spoil them and then you can send them home!” says Peg Toce, of Ashland.

Peg can’t get enough of her little granddaughter, Mia.

“She’s so happy and she loves to do all kinds of things,” Peg says.

Mia is a ball of energy and a little sassy.

“She’s three going on 13,” Peg jokes. “A threenager!”

Mia loves to learn and there’s one thing grandma wants to make sure she learns.

“It’s just so important in life for all kids to know how to swim,” Peg says.

Peg paid $125 for swimming lessons at an athletic club. Mia loved being in the water, but soon after jumping in COVID-19 hit.

“She got one lesson and then that was it,” says Peg.

Like many businesses, the club had to close its doors. Peg got an email saying everyone would receive a refund.

“I waited a few weeks and I never heard anything,” she says.

After several months of waiting, Peg felt like she was left high and dry, so she reached out to Solve It 7.

We dove right in and contacted the group that runs the athletic club. The representative explained that until our call they thought the refunds had already been issued. She promised peg and everyone else would get their money.

“I was very surprised when I saw it in the mailbox two days later!” Peg says.

Peg received her refund and about 120 other families did too, thanks to Solve It 7.

“It’s been a great experience and I’m thrilled that we got our money,” Peg says. “Thank you very much.”

Peg says Mia can’t wait to get back in the swimming pool for lessons once it’s safe.

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