In October 2012, when Gina Foley found out that the hit Broadway musical Jersey Boys was coming to Boston, she didn’t walk, she ran to her computer to order tickets.

It was going to be a girls’ night out with her sisters. “We love their music… I knew we’d have a ball. Go out to dinner, go see the show,” Gina told us.

Gina found great seats online at and spent more than $1,000.

The tickets arrived and everything was fine – until the day before the show. An historic blizzard roared through the city. The show was cancelled.

“I was very disappointed,” Gina said.

Gina called Number One Tickets to get a refund and says she was told to send the tickets back. So she did, but her $1,000 refund never came.

“I started calling and calling and they would put me on hold to wear me out, and they did,” Gina explained.

Weeks went by and still no money and no response from the company.

Gina filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and the company responded saying in part, “We have researched her purchase and have refunded the amount in question to her credit card…”

“They never did,” said Gina.

After nearly two years of emails and phone calls with no results, Gina needed help, so she called Solve It 7.

She told us, “You almost feel like you’re being made a fool of because they’re just saying, ‘Well, we got your money, but you’re not getting it back.’”

Robert Harnais is the president-elect of the Massachusetts Bar Association, and he says that’s deceptive practice. “This is a third party that sold her tickets. They spent money on tickets, they got their money back, she should be getting her money back. And if she’s not, I’d be filing a claim against them right away,” Harnais said.

We reached out to Number One Tickets right away. It took weeks of phone calls, extended hold times and even getting hung up on before Number One Tickets confirmed to us that Gina’s refund never went through. They said a check would be sent to her the next business day.

A month later, Solve It 7 finally got the check for Gina, and she was singing our praises.

“Oh my goodness! It really is?… Thank you! Thank you so very much. I can’t believe it,” she said.

Although Gina never got to go see the show, now she has the money to plan a new girls’ night out.

We’re happy we could help close the curtain on this issue for Gina. Are you having trouble with something and think we can help? We’d love to hear from you. Give us a call at 617-367-7777 or send us an email at

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