Solve It 7: Treadmill Trouble

“We have a different sort of philosophy,” Weymouth resident John Hall says of his longtime partner, Ellie Johnson and himself.

“Ellie’s is no pain no gain. Mine is a little more if it feels good do it!” he says before letting out a long laugh.

Solve It 7 spoke with John and Ellie earlier this year, before the coronavirus pandemic and after Ellie’s treadmill broke.

“I really wanted [a new one],” Ellie says. “I really wanted to get back into doing the exercise.”

She knew just what she wanted for Christmas, so John – eager to please – went online and bought Ellie a new treadmill. He even found a good deal on a model that was on sale for $1,587.

The company said it would arrive about 10 days before Christmas, but John got a message from the trucking company and knew something was wrong. The company said his treadmill was ready for pick up…in Virginia!

“I called them up and the lady says, ‘We do not deliver to Massachusetts,'” he says.

Despite a number of callbacks, John says he couldn’t get a straight answer. The company representatives he talked to didn’t seem to know where the treadmill was.

Christmas came and went and John was left without his big gift. He decided to cancel the order, but it was going to cost him. John says the company told him he would have to pay a $250 return freight charge and a 10% restocking charge too.

That’s when he reached out to Solve It 7.

We called the treadmill company and it turns out there was a communication problem. The company had approved a refund without the extra charges, but the money was being held in escrow. John’s bank was holding onto it for 45 days.

This was all news to John, but when the deadline passed, he got his money back. All of it, deposited back into his checking account.

Ellie got a new treadmill and is thrilled to be back on track!

“Oh it’s wonderful,” she says of her new machine. “I believe that Solve it 7 was responsible for us getting our money back.”

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