Solve It 7: Unfair Airfare

LYNNFIELD, MASS. (WHDH) - When they met nearly 35 years ago, Saravy Pham and her husband Khuong had no idea that their high school romance would turn into so much more.

“Tomorrow is our anniversary,” Saravy told us in an interview earlier this summer. “Thirty-three year anniversary!”

The Lynnfield couple loves to travel around the world and in October of last year, the Pham’s and some of their friends decided to plan their next adventure: a trip to Austria.

“They appointed me to do the reservation and everything,” Saravy says.

She went online to find airline tickets for the group of seven and found what she was looking for on a travel web site called ASAP Tickets.

“It’s a little bit cheap,” she says of the booking site. “And it [was] only one hour and a half layover which is perfect.”

Perfect because some of their travel companions were older. Saravy booked the tickets and paid extra to get the one-stop itinerary with a short layover. The total cost? $5,515.

A lot of money, but money well spent, at least that’s what Saravy thought. Two weeks after purchasing the tickets, there was a problem.

“I get an email from both ASAP Tickets and United Air saying that my flight has changed,” she says.

Saravy was given two new options. One involved a five-hour layover, the other two different stops. Neither would work, so Saravy decided to cancel the reservation.

“They said I could have a refund with no problems,” she says.

With her refund approved, Saravy waited. That’s when things got turbulent. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. Seven months went by and Saravy still didn’t get her money back.

“They wouldn’t give it to me,” she says. “I was thinking, ‘You know what? The only people that can help me are Solve It 7, because I watch the show all the time!'”

So Solve It 7 went to work.

A representative from ASAP Tickets told us that the person originally working on Saravy’s refund was no longer with the company, but said he was now on the case and assured us her refund was on the way. A few weeks later, it went through.

“Yes!” says Saravy on getting her money back. “I feel like I hit the lottery!”

After nine months of waiting, Saravy’s money was back in her bank account, more than $5,500!

“Five thousand five hundred and fifteen dollars to be exact,” Saravy says.

Bringing her round trip runaround to an end.

“I can’t thank you enough,” she says. “Your team from Solve It 7, without you guys, I would have never got my money back.”

Saravy says she still can’t wait to visit Austra and plans to book another trip once the COVID-19 crisis is over.

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