Solve It 7: Unicorn Conflict

LOWELL, MASS. (WHDH) - Evan To was excited to celebrate Christmas with his daughter Allison, she’s 18 months old.

Hoping to make it special, he ordered a ride-on unicorn toy he saw in an online ad. It costs $399.

“I showed it to her, and she started liking it, she kept watching it, so I decided to get it for Christmas,” Evan said.

But on the day the unicorn was supposed to arrive, ” it never showed up, ” he said.

Evan called the toymaker and was told he needed to call UPS to see what happened to the delivery.

“I said you can ship me a new one or give me a refund back, but they say they can’t, so I had to contact UPS,” said Evan.

Evan made several calls to UPS and the toymaker.

He said, “things just go back and forth back and forth.”

So, Evan called Solve It 7.

We reached out to the toymaker to see if they would give Evan a refund.

A representative said he would open an investigation with UPS to figure out what went wrong with the delivery.

A mother later, “they contacted me to my email, and they said that they are going to give me my refund back,” Evan told us.

Evan used the money to buy a similar toy from a different company.

He said, “I’m surprised too, I said oh, I can’t believe it you know.”

Now his little girl can have the ride of her life.

“I’m like really happy you know, really happy, ” he said.

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