HANSON, MASS. (WHDH) - Fanny Onsorio is a proud mom.

“My son’s Nathan, he’s 13 years old and he’s a passionate musician,” Fanny says.

“She enrolled me in guitar lessons when I was about maybe 6 and a half or 7,” Nathan says.

Nathan has gotten so good at the guitar he decided to give lessons to his friends and family.

“The fact that I get to interact with people and get to teach them about this instrument, I really started to enjoy it,” Nathan says.

He saved up the money he made and bought a new gaming system.

Nathan says, “I opened the box and it was supposed to come with cables, the console, and the controller and ended up only opening the box to find 2 packets of cables and the console itself –so it didn’t come with the controller.”

Fanny and Nathan emailed the company about the missing part.

” I asked them to just send a replacement,” Nathan says.

The company told them to send everything back and they would send out a new complete gaming system.

Fanny says,” we did ask if it was part of a policy, do we have to send the whole thing, can’t you just send us a controller and they said no, ya it’s supposedly their policy.”

The company said once they received the return, the new gaming system would be sent within a week.

But weeks went by and Nathan was still waiting.

Fanny says, “he’s been messaging them and their response is always, it’s pending, or another team will be contacting you guys. There’s a child here who’s spending his money on a device and you guys aren’t really helping.”

So Nathan was game to call Solve It 7.

Fanny says, “it’s frustrating so he had mentioned calling Solve It 7.”

We reached out to the company and asked when Nathan could expect his gaming system.

A week later it arrived — with all the parts included.

“We were excited,” Nathan says.

“Amazing that you guys have that influence, it’s amazing and I’m grateful for that,” Fanny says.

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