They are moments that Jeff and Amanda Cambridge wanted to capture and keep forever.

After Jeff popped the question in October 2013, he and his fiancée Amanda wanted to take engagement photos.  So after some online research they decided to hire Howson-Wright Photography.

“I was stunned!” Amanda said. “They were amazing and literally everyone was asking, ‘Who is your photographer? We love her, and she’s just amazing!”

Jeff and Amanda say they worked out a deal with company owner Money Johnson: $1500 to photographer their engagement and their July 2014 wedding.

The price included a second photographer for their wedding day, who the Cambridge’s say was Monie’s sister.

Amanda told us they were nervous, but photo shoot went very well. “She was just awesome because she was just talking to us and making us feel comfortable.  No red flags at all.”

The wedding was everything they dreamed it would be.  Jeff and Amanda couldn’t wait to see the professional photographs.

So about a month after the wedding, Amanda sent Monie an email.

“I did hear back, initially” Amanda remembers. “She said ‘Give me more time, I’ll let you know.’ But then after that we didn’t really hear from her anymore.”

Amanda says she and Jeff spent the next four months emailing, texting and calling Monie trying to figure out where their wedding photos were… but they received no response.

Jeff decided to try and track down Monie’s sister, and found that she had her own photography business.

Their next discovery shocked Amanda.  “We were looking through her website and we found our pictures from our wedding on there.”

Photos of Amanda in her wedding gown… Jeff in his Tuxedo.  All of their family and friends were in pictures they had been searching for for months; posted on another company’s website!

Amanda says she had a mixed reaction. “It was kind of frustrating, but it gave us hope because we knew there were pictures somewhere.”

That’s when Jeff and Amanda called Solve It 7.

We tried to call Monie but she wouldn’t return our calls, texts or emails either. So we called her sister.

She told us she had no idea that Jeff and Amanda never received their wedding photos and she was simply using the pictures she took as examples of her work.

She promised us that she would reach out to Monie and try and get Jeff and Amanda their photos.

It didn’t take long.

“About a day later Monie did reach out to us,” Amanda said, smiling. “She told us she was sorry and thought she had given us the photos already.”

Amanda and Jeff finally got the pictures of their special day.  They were thrilled.

“There were tears of joy,” Amanda says. “They’re great!  Thank you so much, Solve It 7!  I can’t imagine not having my wedding photos.  I’m so thankful for that!”

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