Chuck Bruce can’t help but smile when he talks about his husband, Frankie.

“He’s just the perfect fit,” Chuck said.

When the New Hampshire couple first met back in August of 2013, it was love at first sight. So after 6 months together, the duo decided to tie the knot and started shopping for rings.

“We decided to go to Zales. The prices were a little bit better, and I just felt that they had a lot more options,” Chuck said.

Chuck and frankie picked out two rings and bought them along with a lifetime repair warranty. They got married in August of 2014, but a few months after the ceremony there was a problem.

“I was just cleaning my house one day, and all of a sudden I felt a pinching underneath my finger. It was just like ‘Oh, ok the ring broke,'” Chuck said.

Chuck was bummed out over his broken band, so he took it back to Zales and got it fixed.

Three months later, the ring broke again in the same spot. Frustrated, Chuck took his ring back to Zales to get it fixed.

When it broke a third time this past November, Chuck said he’d had enough.

“My father passed away about six years ago, and he gave me his wedding ring,” Chuck said.

Chuck wanted Zales to take the diamonds out of his broken ring and set them in his father’s ring so that he wouldn’t have to keep dealing with this problem.

He says the manager agreed to do it.

“I was told it was going to be taken care of. They printed out a receipt. The receipt showed zero cost,” Chuck said.

A couple of weeks later, Chuck called the store to check on his ring and spoke with the manager.

“I asked him, I said ‘Where’s my ring?’ He explained to me,’Oh we’re still awaiting the estimate.'” Chuck said.

Chuck says what he thought was a free service to fix his ongoing problem was now going to cost him about $200.

Frankie paid the money because he wanted Chuck to have his ring back in time for Christmas, but the couple wasn’t happy and needed help.

That’s when Solve it 7 got involved.

We reached out to Signet Jewlers, Zales parent company, and explained to them the ongoing issues Chuck was having with his ring, and the unexpected bill to fix the problems.

The representative said that he would look into this case and he did.

“Got my money back. Got all of it,” Chuck said.

After a few conversations with Chuck and Solve it 7, Zales refunded the full amount .

“Thank you, thank you for everything. Without your help I would have still had to pay for the ring, and I just would still be fighting for it,” Chuck said.

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