SOMERVILLE, MASS. (WHDH) - The grass wasn’t greener for one Somerville woman. She says a construction company ruined her front yard and wasn’t using its green thumb to fix it.  

“I want to cry,” Bing said. 

Bing was upset when she came home to find a mess in her front yard. A construction truck left tire tracks on her grass and crushed some wooden edging last year.

“I’m sad and angry, too,” Bing said.  

The company replaced the wood framing and promised new sod in the spring.

But that never happened and a tangle of weeds and crabgrass took over instead.

“It’s so messy. Nobody show up,” Bing said.  

Bing tried calling the construction company but got nowhere. 

“No answer. I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” Bing said.  

Tired of beating around the bush, she contacted Solve It 7.

“We have Channel 7 behind me,” Bing said.  

We called the construction company president who said his crews were behind because of COVID. 

Just three days later, Bing’s yard got a makeover. 

“I was so happy. When I see this grass, I think of Channel 7. I want to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much,” Bing said.  

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