Some e Rain Is Good

Sunshine is great and all but getting some rain here & there is critical as we head into the hot summer months. We have showers happening today & again tomorrow. Today’s showers are not all day so no washout tag from me. It is a weather system that, while slow moving, is also weakening. That means we will see some scattered showers this morning become more isolated in nature by afternoon. (Timeout—what’s the diff between scattered & isolated? —think of it like this… a living room are people…..4 people in the room would be called scattered…if that room had 1-2 people it would be isolated——make sense?) This weather system is so weak that some midday/afternoon sunshine is likely well inland. This will allow temps to reach 70 this afternoon, farther east along the coast more clouds will keep your numbers in the low 60s. A little more humidity for everyone.

Tomorrow we are affected by a completely different weather system that has more going for it. This storm will lead to scattered showers for much of the day–especially during the morning hours. In fact, there may even be a burst of steady/heavy rain south of the MA Pike tomorrow morning (especially Buzzards Bay-Cape Cod). I do think by afternoon the showers will taper to just cloudy skies. It may end up tagged a washout but I do think we will have some dry weather tomorrow afternoon. Temps stay in the 60s all day.

By Friday, High Pressure begins to build back into New England sending morning clouds out to sea by late day and setting the stage for a fantastic late spring weekend with sunny skies & warm temps. Temps both Saturday & Sunday reach the 80s.