Clouds take the lead! It’s nothing surprising given the way the forecast is unfolding in the coming days.

A mighty storm offshore (which gave us a glancing shot at some showers today) is leaving behind a layer of clouds, and there’s no dry air en route to gobble it up. This cloud deck will get "stuck" under a layer of warm air in the middle atmosphere (what we call an inversion), and has nowhere to go. The sun isn’t strong enough to dissipate it and there isn’t enough wind to mix it out.

So it sits and drifts. 

And that’s why I’m calling for a cloudy forecast tomorrow. I know, should have saved the bandwidth and just said that outright, but it’s much more fun to explain it…at least for me.

A weak system on Thursday could give us a sprinkle in the morning, otherwise sun will return with a good dose of mild air. We’ll spring from 40s tomorrow to the 50s on Thursday.

And that’s just the start. I’m aiming for upper 50s – or even 60 – in the Friday-Sunday time frame, but which day actually hits the magical 6-0 is still unclear. Potential is there on Saturday, but a batch of cool air on Sunday could sink down and snuff out the warmth.

What’s certain here is the long-term warmth. There is absolutely no arctic air through Central Canada to tap into. Check the map to the right. While you could argue that Yellowknife and Goose Bay are in arctic air, they both above normal too.

So it goes. A brown start to December, and at this rate, perhaps for the holiday season. 


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