Some storm systems are powerful and produce huge areas of rain while washing out a day while others just produce an few isolated showers making outdoor plans a challenge. Thankfully, on a summer day we get exhibit B. As mentioned, a day like today can be frustrating for a meteorologist and his/her viewer. I spend half my weather time highlighting the risk of showers but then spend the other half of that time (for a total of 2 minutes) telling the peeps there will be sunshine/dry weather in between the raindrops. What will be present all day will be the humidity and temps up near 80 should make it feel somewhat uncomfortable when outside accomplishing those plans..

Wednesday is another day with humidity–probably even more so than today. That humidity combined with a quick moving cool front will lead to a scattering of midday & afternoon showers/thunderstorms (1-7pm). I won't tag tomorrow as a washout (I hate using that term in summer) as I think there will still be dry weather tomorrow morning (and even some in the afternoon) but I'm not sure it's an ideal summer day.

That happens on Thursday (and again on Friday) as High Pressure settles in from Canada with refreshingly dry air.


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