‘Somebody’s front yard is not a bathroom’: Packed beaches, closed community center creates restroom unrest in Southie

BOSTON (WHDH) - Some South Boston residents are experiencing some toilet trouble as beachgoers in need of a place to “go” start utilizing their front lawns.

As the summer heat skyrockets, people are packing M Street Beach with nowhere to do their business and this is causing some restroom unrest in the area.

“This has definitely been the worst summer since I’ve been here,” Linda Conley who lives nearby said. “It is gross, but you know, there’s nothing open.”

The Curley Community Center has been closed due to coronavirus concerns and according to neighbors, this has not stopped people from heading to the shore. It just means they are relieving themselves anywhere they choose.

“They’re coming over here and they’re peeing on anything they can find,” a resident who did not wish to be named said. “It’s like St. Patrick’s Day every day here.”

Mayor Martin J. Walsh responded to the unsanitary situation at a press conference on Monday and called on beachgoers to show some respect for their surroundings.

“Somebody’s front yard is not a bathroom,” he said.

For now, Southie residents are calling on the state and city to do anything to flush out the problem.

“It shouldn’t be the residents’ responsibility,” that resident said.

Many residents also say they have seen people drinking alcohol at the beach and Walsh said that is also illegal.

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