Somerset teen disables girlfriend’s car battery as part of promposal

SOMERSET, MA (WHDH) - A Somerset teen disabled his girlfriend’s car battery as part of a plan to ask her to prom.

Andrew Farias, a senior at Somerset-Berkley Regional High School, filmed himself disabling Christine Nasiff’s battery while she was at work at the Silver City Galleria. He also attached a sign underneath the car’s hood that read, “Need a hand? BC I’ll need yours @ prom?”

When Nasiff called him to say her car would not start, Farias told her to open the car’s hood and see what was wrong. As she opened it, he ran over to surprise her with a bouquet of flowers. Nasiff said she was upest at first until she realized it was an elaborate prank.

“I don’t think anything like that’s ever happened to me before. Somebody so kind and sweet to do something like that for me, so it really touched me,” said Nasiff.

Nasiff accepted his invitation to prom, which is next Friday.

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