LEOMINSTER, MASS. (WHDH) - A local man shared his thanks this week after good Samaritans jumped into action to rescue the man’s parents from their home during severe flash flooding in Leominster Monday night. 

Cell phone video captured some of the scene off Pleasant Street where rushing water created a moat around the small home where Andre Obin’s parents live. 

“They’re rattled,” Obin said. “It’s tough for them because they’re used to their comforts of home.” 

“They’re super grateful that they made it out but the displacement is difficult for them,” Obin continued.

Rain started falling Monday afternoon and quickly caused problems around Leominster.

Joanne and Arthur Obin, who are in their 70s, were stuck in their house as conditions deteriorated. 

Luckily, a neighbor named Zack and his friend were able to save the pair in the nick of time after Zack noticed the ground giving way under the Obins’ home’s foundation. 

“I’m like, ‘Get them out,’” Zack told 7NEWS on Tuesday.

Zack said his friend ran toward the house and banged on a door. 

“He got them out just as the walkway collapsed,” Zack said. 

Andre Obin is now raising thousands of dollars to help his parents with immediate expenses through a GoFundMe page. 

Looking back on Monday night’s events, Andre said he is thankful for Zack and his friend’s efforts to make sure his parents were safe. 

“Without Zack taking immediate action, it could have been a lot more morbid,” Andre said. “I’m super grateful. I’m not sure how to ever repay that guy if that’s even possible.”

Andre said he is not sure whether his parents’ homeowners insurance will cover a flood or whether federal funds will help them. 

He said he’s also not sure whether their house will be condemned. 

Speaking with 7NEWS, though, Andre said he knows one thing for sure. 

“I’m super grateful they’re safe,” he said. 

The Obins have been staying at a nearby hotel while they’re displaced from their home. Their son’s GoFundMe page had raised more than $11,000 as of Wednesday afternoon, surpassing an original $10,000 goal.

Andre Obin has since set a new fundraising goal of $100,000.

Beyond Pleasant Street, cleanup efforts continued across Leominster in homes, businesses and along local infrastructure on Wednesday even as more rain hit the region. 

Gov. Maura Healey has declared a state of emergency in response to flooding in the Leominster area and communities around North Attleboro, which was also hit by flash floods on Monday. 

While local officials in Leominster said they made progress in opening some lanes on some roads, officials on Wednesday also said it could take additional time to fully open some damaged and blocked streets.

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