Woah.  Tough crowd today!  Many tweeples were exercising their "freedom of speech" today, and letting the colors fly on social media!  I even woke up to an email from a viewer already claiming that I "blew the forecast," and this was before the day even started!  I get it… None of us thought it was a good thing to have rain on the 4th of July – but the forecast was far from blown, so give me a bit of a break.  My husband put it best, "Blaming Bri for a picnic on pause due to some raindrops is very similar to stubbing your toe and exclaiming 'OBAMA!'"  

I'll claim 80% accuracy on this one; I said it was not a complete loss of the day (correct); I said showers were a possibility (correct); I said precip would be less than 0.10" for most (correct); I said it would be dry for fireworks to fly (correct); I said NO STORMS (correct).  The only #weatherfail (this was a hashtag I saw a lot today) I'll admit to was that the showers didn't end up focused on the South Coast like I thought they'd be.  Nevertheless – It was not a washout by any means – and we're all celebrating tonight in fantasical 4th of July style!  

Now that the wet-ish weather is out, we can focus on the rest of the weekend.  Sunshine returns for tomorrow, and that means the heat is on.  The AC unit may have gotten a break today, but we'll be turning that switch to the "High" position for a while.  A few clouds will dot the afternoon tomorrow, but temps still make it into the mid 80s for most.  The coastline and Cape will be a touch cooler (mid 70s to 80) but the water is warming up!  62°-64° for water temps tomorrow.  Sand castles will be built, fun will be had, and summer smiles will resume.  All is well.

The next round of unsettled weather doesn't enter the picture until Tuesday.  The humidity is back, and when you couple that with heat (highs in the mid to even upper 80s are possible), you then have to watch out for storms.  Looks like just some possible showers for Tuesday and possible storms for Wednesday.  Of course we're keeping an eye on this for you.  Details will become more clear in the next couple of days.  But for now, enjoy the next couple of days. Sunday and Monday look stellar!

I just have to add a quick note to this blog for my own peace-of-mind after a good battering on Twitter today (and this is in NO way admitting defeat):  I don't control the weather.  If I could change it, there are many times I would.  I just do the best I can to prepare you for what I can see coming down the pipeline in the future – and there aren't many people who can actually see the future… so I'd say (thank you, Science!) I'm doing pretty darn good.  

Remember to smile.  "It improves your face value."  Happy Independence Day! – Breezy

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