Today was not quite the summer-like Saturday we typically have in mind for late July.  Highs were stuck in the 70s all across the board, and the humidity was thick enough to slice… but not yet thick enough to drink (though, that type of humidity is in store)!  Showers and downpours moved through early on, but didn't amount to much.  Even though it wasn't a rainy day, it still felt a little gloomy all day long with the clouds winning out.  Fortunately, we're not so worried about any showers or storms to plague any evening activities you may have planned outside tonight.  It'll be a nice night for some grillin' and chillin' out in the yard – or out at Fenway for the Foo Fighters concert!

Because of the humidity, temps will not be budging much overnight.  Lows stay in the upper 60s for most with some areas of fog developing.  If you're up with the birds tomorrow, watch for reduced visibilities with dense fog possible in some spots.  The good news though; the fog will quickly burn off and we should be in for more sunshine tomorrow, compared to the very little bit of sun we had today.

Get ready for a hot Sunday (I wish I could inserted the word "fudge" in the middle of that, to make it a "hot fudge Sunday" because that would be more enjoyable than the soupy 90° temps we expect tomorrow)!  The three H's that many of us around the area dread in the summertime:  Hot, Hazy and Humid.  That's the scoop for Sunday.  Temps will soar – and with dewpoints around 70°, we're looking at heat indices in the mid to upper 90s!  I do need to mention though, Boston is still waiting for the first 90 degree day of the summer.  While many locations will be in the low 90s for highs tomorrow, Boston's temps will likely be held in the 80s once again with the power of an afternoon sea breeze.  

Getting on my soap box now:  When it gets hot like it will be tomorrow, we all know that we need to drink lots of water and stay hydrated.  Duh.  That's a no-brainer.  But the one thought I think will often not cross our minds is that we have to keep the kiddos drinking water too.  Many kids won't even realize they are thirsty and will not ask for a drink, so it's our job to stay on top of that. Just like on an airplane though, put on your oxygen mask before assisting others… :c)

If you love the heat, it's a great day to get outdoors!  Just keep an eye to the sky as we move into dinnertime.  That's when the potential for storms will be looming once again.  It's still a tricky forecast with these late-day storms for tomorrow, but it does look like any storms that arrive will be very late.  Typically, it's hard for storms to hold together and keep on chugging as the sun goes down… but it looks like our best bet for strong thunderstorms will be during the dark hours, overnight Sunday into the wee hours of Monday.  I did mention there is a potential for some of these storms to be strong.  The main threat would be downpours, damaging winds, frequent lightning and a slight chance of hail (though I don't think it's cold enough upstairs for this).

We'll be keeping an eye on it.  It's been feeling like a hard forecast to follow this weekend… but stay with us!  We will always update you as details become more clear.

Oh!  and don't forget to tune in for "Today in New England" all next week for my summer getaway segments!  I'm REALLY excited about all of the great places there are around New England to enjoy this season!

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